TIME®TUD310 - Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


  • Four Rectify Ways: positive half-wave, negative half-wave, full wave and radio frequency.
  • Two scanning mode: A and B;
  • Gate alarming function.
  • 32 detecting channels are available with a separate detecting parameter and DAC curve in every channel.
  • Automatic generation of DAC curve, and 30 points can be recorded at most, adjustable offset curves and gain correction functions are available.
  • Three detecting modes: single-probe , dual-probe and transmission;
  • Equipped with high-speed USB port and flash memory device can be used directly on the instrument
  • Data and documents are managed under FAT file system, making the management of inspection data more convenient, faster and more reliant
  • Super large memory up to 32M, 1000 echo data can be stored in 32 detecting channels.
  • Brand new digital signal circuit is designed for TUD310, Digital signal processor (DSP) is used for signals analyzing, making circuit noise reduced properly and waveform more stable.
  • EPSON ink-jet printers can be connected with TUD310 by USB cable
  • Real-time waveform display and review


Technical Specification: 

  Items   Description
Scanning Range 2.5mm-9999mm
Scanning Resolution

0.1mm (2.5mm-100mm)

1mm (100mm-5000mm)

Gain Range 0db-110db
D-delay -20μm-+3400μm
P-delay 0μs-99.99μs, resolution 0.01μs
Sound Speed 1000m/s - 9999m/s
Bandwidth 0.2MHz-15MHz (Low0.2 - 1Mid.0.5-4 High3-15)
Vertical Linearity Accuracy ≤3%
Horizontal Linearity Accuracy ≤0.2%
Dynamic Range ≥32db
Sensitivity Leavings ≥60db
Test Mode Pulse-Echo Dual and Through Transmission
Pulser Spike Excitation Pulser
Damping  50ohms, 150ohms and 400ohms
Reject  Linear, 0-80% of Full Screen, Variable in Steps of 1%
Unit  Metric / Inch
Interface RS232 / USB
Printer EPSON ink-jet Printers
AC Requirments 85-264V AC/1.0A, 47-63Hz


Standard Delivery:                                                                   

  • Main Unit
  • Power Adaptor
  • Neck Strap
  • Cable for Probe
  • Straight Probe (2.5MHz, Ø20)
  • Angle Probe (5MHz, 8 X 9K2)
  • Couplant
  • Flash Disk
  • Screw Driver
  • TIME Certficate