SKU : PEA-2018


Peak Magnifier 8X is a high performance, smartly designed magnifier. It is very convenient to have around your desk for daily use. This magnifier is specially designed to cover the entire 24mm x 36mm picture area of single frames of film for 35mm camera use and is most ideal for checking negatives. This is a high grade magnifier in which a 24mm x 37mm angular object lens is employed in the optical system to cover single 35mm frames, and a two-element achromatic lens is used in the eyepiece. On the bottom edge of the skirt of the transparent acrylic is engraved a 30mm long 1mm pitch scale.

  Magnification   8x 
Field of View  24 x 36 mm
Size 46 x 49 x 39 mm 
Net Weight 52 g

The 2018 is used with the 2018-PH (Puncher and Holder). 

The Light Box (2046) is a new item with an auxiliary lightning source to be used where the supply of light is not sufficient when you use the Loupe 8X with Puncher and Holder or Microfilm Viewers 15X and 20X, and Hand Viewer 8X (item 2026).