TIME®7230/TV300 - Vibration Tester


  • Advanced vibration tester with large measuring range
  • Three display modes:
  • Special mode: displaying acceleration, velocity and displacement
  • Common mode: displaying one of acceleration, velocity and displacement
  • Spectrum mode: displaying vibration spectrum
  • large memory up to 1550 readings and 25 spectrums
  • Easy diagnosis: alarm is sounded when vibration go over limit set, and get into spectrum mode
  • Testing results and spectrum can be printed out with optional micro-printer
  • Can be connected with PC by special software for further analyses of vibration

Technical Specification:

  Testing range                   Acceleration                   0.1m/s2-392m/s2 (peak value)                           
Velocity 0.01cm/s-80cm/s (virtual value)
Displacement 0.001mm-18.1mm (peak to peak value)
Frequency range Acceleration 10Hz-200Hz, 10Hz-500Hz, 10Hz-1KHz, 10Hz-10KHz
Velocity 10Hz-1KHz
Displacement 10Hz-500Hz
Power Li-ion rechargeable battery
Display LCD, 320x200 pixels with backlight
Working temperature

0℃ ~ 40℃



Dimensions(mm) 171x78.5x28
Weight(g) 230

Standard Delivery:                                                                  Optional Accessary:

  • Main unit
  • Accelerometer probe
  • Magnetic base
  • Charger
  • Protection pocket
  • TIME certificate
  • Instruction manual
  • Needle groupware
  • Long needle
  • Printer TA230
  • Dataview software