Straight Rotary Handpiece - Heavy Duty Rotary
SKU : _Straight_Rotary_Handpiece_-_Heavy_Duty_Rotary

Handpiece equipped with the Model H031 Head

The reinforced Head Housing allows you to handle large load work easier


All Models: Mounted collet chuck: KP-060 (Ø6.0mm)  |  Accessory: KP-062 (Ø3.0mm) 



High-Speed Type

Suitable for high-speed processing with Sentan Tool® Diamond/CBN Tools, Carbide Cutters, Carbide Drills and Mounted Points and for medium and low-speed processing with Sentan Tool® Abrasive Rubber Points, Brushes and Polishing Tools. 

Model: M212HD
M212HD Parameter a54e1


Medium-Speed Type

Suitable for torque needed processing with Sentan Tool® Drills, Diamond Drills, Mounted Points, Abrasive Rubber Points, Abrasive Sanders, Brushes and Polishing Tools.

Model: M212D
M212D Parameter f2fd4