PEAK Lopes and Microscopes

1960- Lupe 5X (Code: PEA-1960)
A very practical magnifier, with an arcyle tube, for use by the entire family. / Magnification: 5X / Size: Dia. 36.5 x 66.5mm / Net Weight: 29.2 gm.
1961 - Lupe 10X (Code: PEA-1961)
A moderately priced, all purpose magnifier with large magnification and wide visual field. / Magnification: 10X / Size: Dia. 34.5 x 41.5mm / Net Weight: 27.5 gm.
1962 - Lupe 15X (Code: PEA-1962)
A most useful magnifier with a coated achromatic lens composed of a 2-component, 3-element construction. / Magnification: 15X / Size: Dia. 36 x 34.5mm / Net Weight: 18.4 gm.
1964 - Lupe 2X (Code: PEA-1964)
A high grade, powerful magnifier with a coated achromatic lens composed of a 3-component, 4-element construction. / Magnification: 22X / Size: Dia. 28.5 x 30mm / Net Weight: 17 gm.
1964L - Light Lupe 22X (Code: PEA-1964L)
Attach an illuminating device to a LUPE 22X (PEAK-1964) has greatly improved its inspection capability.
1966 - Light Lupe 10X (Code: PEA-1966)
A 10X lupe with a light source for inspection where illumination is insufficient. Uses two penlight cells. / Magnification: 10X / Size: 35x41x175mm / Net Weight: 81 gm. / Battery: UM-2(1.5V) x 2
1972 - Glass Scale (Code: PEA-1972)
Graduations are photoengraved on clear glass. Placed over the object to be measured, both can be observed with a magnifier.
1975 - Scale Lupe 7X (Code: PEA-1975)
Kellner type with 3-element, 2-group construction. Accurate measurements can be made by turning the focusing ring so the object and scale can be clearly seen. / Magnification: 7X / Size: Dia. 36x57mm / Net Weight: 56 gm.
1976 - Scale Lupe 7X Set (Code: PEA-1975)
A set of a Scale Lupe 7X and the 5 most frequently used scales (PS: 2, 3, 7, 8 & 10) in a plastic container. / Magnification: 7X / Size (case): 150x75x60mm / Gloss Weight: 128 gm.
1983 - Scale Lupe 10X (Code: PEA-1983)
4-element, 2-group, coated. High resolution and wide filed view makes scale reading easy. / Magnification: 10X / Size: Dia. 46x44mm / Net Weight: 74 gm.
A colour corrected 3-element composite lens. The classic loupe of high-quality. Available in 7X, 10X, 14X and 20X.
1986 - Magnetic Magnifier 5X (Code: PEA-1986)
Magnets attached to the transparent resin barrel hold the loupe firmly in place. Especially useful for reading calipers.

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