Rockwell Hardness Testers

Due to the small indentation, which causes no effects to the workpiece, the Rockwell hardness testers can be used directly to test on finished parts. Thus, widely used in product quality control.

It can test a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, hardened steel, tempered steel, annealed steel, various thickness of plates, hard alloy materials, powder metallurgy materials, thermal spray coating hardness. It can also be used for testing sheet metal, thin-walled tubesm surface hardness of hardened steel and small parts.
TH300 / 301 / 310 / 320 (Code: TIM-TH300 / TIM-TH301 / TIM-TH31)
Features: - Horizontal protrudent nose design, testing on surfaces difficult to reach - Testing internal surface of ring parts whose diameter is not less than 23mm(0.900″) - Testing external surface of round bars whose diameter is not less than 3mm(0.120″) - Automatic test process - High definition backlight LCD - Simple and easy selectable operation menu - RS-232/USB data output - TH300: Rockwell hardness tester - TH301: Rockwell hardness terster with auto-switch off test force - TH310: Rockwell superficial harness tester - TH320: Rockwell & Rockwell superficial hardness tester
TH550 (Code: TIM-TH550)
Features: - Digital rockwell hardness tester Operating Rockwell hardness testing of hard alloy, carbon steel, alloy steel and non ferrous metal. - High digital display resolution - Easy operation with auto loading and unloading of test force, and auto holding of test force. - Standards: BS EN ISO 6508, ISO 6598.2 and ASTM E18.
TH500 (Code: TIM-TH500)
Features: - Mechanical Rockwell hardness tseter with highreliability and economical price. - Measuring the Rockwell hardness of ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as hard alloy, carbon steel, alloysteel, cast iron - Applied in the factories, scientific research institutes and laboratories of colleges etc. - Fresh design, easy to use, stable display value, convenient maintenance - Standards conforming to: BSEN10109-96, ISO6508.2

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