Shore Hardness Testers

Widely used in the hardness testing of materials such as films, medical appliances, carpets, leather and synthetic rubber (suc as seals, tires, rubber rollers, hose, belts, wire and cable, shock absorbers, etc) and other related chemical products.

Mainly used in the hardness testing of hard plastic (such as thermoplastic, hard resin, nylon and acrylic, etc.), hard rubber, and other related chemical products (such as anti-corrosion materials, fire-retardant materials, paint coatings, etc.)
TH200 / 220 (Code: TIM-TH200 / TIM-TH220)
Features: - Digital durometer for Shore A hardness testing of soft rubber, plastic and such substances - Pocket-sized model with integrated probe - Standards: DIN 53505, ASTM d 2240, ISO 7619, JIS K7215 - RS232 data output - Operating stand optional - Bright & clear LCD display - Automatic power off - Battery low indication and alarm

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