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Cleaning Chemicals Cleaning Chemicals

Elma Tec Clean - Powerful cleaning chemical for the use in an ultrasonic cleaning unit. Good for any industrial cleaning application. Concise range of cleaning chemicals that provide a solution to virtually any industrial cleaning problem. •prolongs the service life of the ultrasonic cleaning unit •highly efficient concentrates •long lifetime •biodegradable

Elmasonic X-tra basic Elmasonic X-tra basic

Robust and powerful ultrasonic cleaning unit for industry and work shop. The Elmasonic X-tra basic series comprises 6 different unit sizes (300, 550, 800, 1200, 1600 and 2500). All units are equipped with multi-frequency (25/45 kHz,switchable), bottom sound and heating.

Ultrasonic Table-Top Cleaners Ultrasonic Table-Top Cleaners

The 6 most important Elmasonic S features at a glance: - electronic time and temperature control / high-performance transducer systems / run dry safe heating / quick degassing (Degas/Auto degas) / electronic sound field oscillation (Sweep) / auto start-up by temperature control.

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