Leica DISTO Laser Distance Meters & 3D Scanner

Laser Measuring Meters from Leica Geosystems

3D Laser Scanner 3D Laser Scanner

3D Laser Scanner from Leica - Large room? No right angles? Skewed walls? Many details? Difficult to reach? No cause to worry: The Leica 3D Disto Scanner measures everything you need. Ladder? Mobile access platform? You can leave them back at base. No tripod on hand? Makes no difference - simply place the 3D Disto on the floor. Leveling up? Not necessary. Photographs for the records? No problem, the in-built camera provides the pictures.

Laser Distance Meters Laser Distance Meters

Leica DISTO™ Laser Distance Meters - the innovative hand-held laser meter for fast and easy distance measurements of length, squares and volumes with the press of a button. Save time and money and emphasise your competence with modern measuring methods.

Prexiso Low Cost Laser Distance Meter Prexiso Low Cost Laser Distance Meter

Make life easy: With the Prexiso X2 you can measure any distance quickly and efficiently. This handy laser measuring instrument is the ideal tool for all your distance measurements. With one press of a button you can take measurements in seconds with-out assistance – but with laser precision.

Leica DISTO S910 (Code: LEI-S910)
Measure fast and precise distances between any two points from one location with the laser distance meter Leica DISTO™ S910. Easily create as built documentation, calculate roof dimensions and integrate data into BIM or CAD software to create 3D visualizations. This improved workflow saves valuable time and money – all this at a range of up to 300 m.

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