Nanyang's Products

ALTIS Latch Clamps & Handles ALTIS Latch Clamps & Handles

Wide range of toggle latch clamps and handles in stainless Steel and mild steel with nickle, zine or chrome plated.

ASAHI-RIKEN Precision Tools ASAHI-RIKEN Precision Tools

Precision Level, Dial Comparator, Bevel Protractor, Combination Square, Square With Base, Flat Square, Knife Edge Square, V Block, V Block With Clamp, Straight Edge, Bench Center, Surface Plate, Dial Gauge Stand, Precision Vice, Cylindrical Square, Steel Beam Trammel. Parallel Block.

Automatic Thread Rolling & Heading Machine Automatic Thread Rolling & Heading Machine

Specialized in developing and manufacturing of Automatic Thread Rolling and Heading Machinery. Our products own the features of safe, reliable, solid & durable with advanced technology. We use high wear-resistant alloy cast iron & special imported alloy materials, combined with the Japanese electrical control system, high-end CNC machining process, Taiwan assembly technology & advanced design philosophy from Germany.

Bench Top Hardness Testers Bench Top Hardness Testers

Various kinds of Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers Bench Top Hardness Tester with different functions: Normal, Semi-automatic and Fully-automatic Hardness Tester. The tester can be custom-made.

CHUO Precision Micro Stages CHUO Precision Micro Stages

High Grade X,Y,Z & Rotary Stages - The high precision and high rigidity stage to which our proprietary guidance method "the HG-VCR method" is adopted. Using aluminum alloy, it is rigid and light in weight, while its stainless steel structure improved precision and load capacity.

Clamping Elements Clamping Elements

A wide assortment of Toggle Clamps from De-Sta-Co USA, we offer more then 300 different models in mechanical as well as pneumatic versions. Most models belong to one of the following five main groups: Vertical Clamps, Horizontal Clamps, Straight-Line Action Clamps, Latch Clamps & Plier Clamps.

DAZOR Magnifier Lamps DAZOR Magnifier Lamps

Dazor USA offers a full range of mangifier lamps. The circline magnifier has a built-in handle that allows you to maneuver the lamp more easily. Dazor uses only clear, crown, optical glass lenses, that provide true color rendition and optical accuracy.

Eisen Precision Pin Gauges Eisen Precision Pin Gauges

EISEN Japan make precision pin gauges for various applications, such as measuring the internal diameter of optical fibers, connectors, and ferrules with the confidence based on long experience and outstanding track record.

ELMA Product Cleaning Systems ELMA Product Cleaning Systems

ELMA GmbH offers full range of Ultrasonic Cleaners and environment-friendly cleaning chemicals for each cleaning task. Available in Table-Top, Floor Standing & Modular Systems. You can rely on quality made in Germany!

GEMRED Digital Protractor GEMRED Digital Protractor

The Digital Protractor is a revolutionary measuring tool with accuracy 0.1° at vertical & horizontal planes & 0.2° at the rest angle. It performs the conversion between absolute measurement & relative measurement by simply pressing one button 'ZERO'.

Lathe Chucks Lathe Chucks

Mini Scroll Chucks, 3 Jaw Self Centering Chucks, 4 Jaw Self Centering Chucks & 4 Jaw Independent Chucks.

Leica DISTO Laser Distance Meters & 3D Scanner Leica DISTO Laser Distance Meters & 3D Scanner

The Original Laser Distance Meters, 3D Laser Scanner from Leica Geosystems - the innovative hand-held laser meter for fast & easy distance measurements of length, squares & volumes with the press of a button. Save time & money & emphasise your competence with modern measuring methods.

Leica Lino Line & Dot Lasers Leica Lino Line & Dot Lasers

Leica LINO self-levelling line & dot lasers - with the Leica Linos everythings is plumb and perfectly aligned. They project lines or points to millimeter accuracy, leaving your hands free to get on with the job. Marking your work a lot easier!

LEICA Locators - The under ground services detector LEICA Locators - The under ground services detector

The Leica Digisystem locators represent the latest design in cable location technology. With state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and intelligent software, the Leica Digisystem makes locating underground cables and pipes a simple and efficient task, increasing your safety on site and ultimately saving you time and money.

Machine Tools Accessories Machine Tools Accessories

Precision Vices, Rotary Tables, Dividing Heads, Milling Vises, Cross Tables, Clamping Kits, Parallels, V-Blocks, Angle Plates, Collet Chuck Systems, Machine Work Lights, Deburring Units, Punch Formers, Coolant Pumps, Magnetic Chucks & Demagnetizers...

MENLO Carbide Tools MENLO Carbide Tools

Various Carbide Burrs/Endmills for various application. Comprehensive and diverse range of solid carbide cutting tools. Menlo carbide tools are offered in an array of shapes, fluting patterns and lengths suitable for all types of deburring applications. Precision flute grinding assures chatterless operation and long tool life. Results: Smooth deburring operations using fewer tools produce exceptional savings and lower part costs.

MITUTOYO Precision Measuring Instruments MITUTOYO Precision Measuring Instruments

Micrometer, Caliper, Dial Gauge, Height Gauge, Gauge Block, Bores Gauge, Depth Gauge, Screw Pitch Gauge, Radius Gauge etc...

OSTLING Product Marking Systems OSTLING Product Marking Systems

Electrolytic Marking Systems, Pin Marking/Scribing Systems, Laser Marking Systems & Manual/Auto Steel Stamps.

PEAK Lopes and Microscopes PEAK Lopes and Microscopes

Lopes, Magnifers, Stereo Viewers, Linen Testers, Scale Lopes, Pocket Microscopes, Stand Microscopes, Microfilm Viewers, Wide Stand Microscopes, Head Lopes, Flexible Stand Lopes, Multi Desk Lopes and Glass Scales.

PHOENIX Work Lights PHOENIX Work Lights

LED/Halogen Work Lights Quartz Halogen Work Lights

Precision Grinding & Polishing Equipments Precision Grinding & Polishing Equipments

High-Performance / High-Precision Grinding & Polishing Tools, with more then 10,000 kinds of Steel, Carbide, Abrasive, Bristle, Nylon, CBN & Diamond Tools to meet any kinds of requirements.

RSK Precision Equipments RSK Precision Equipments

• Traceability certificate can be issued for some of the products

SHIMPO Precision Measuring Instruments SHIMPO Precision Measuring Instruments

Digital Tachometer, Digital Stroboscope, Digital Force Gauge, Digital Tension Gauge....etc

SOYER Stud Welding Machines SOYER Stud Welding Machines

WHAT IS STUD WELDING ? Stud welding is a reliable and accurate method, which allows metal fasteners such as weld studs, weld pins and tapped studs to be welded onto another metal object by means of an arc and at lightning speed. As the whole surface of the weld stud is joined with the work piece, the resultant weld joint is stronger than the stud or parent material. This absolutely leak-proof, tamper proof and decorative joining technique features many advantages.

TECNODIN Operating & Standard Elements TECNODIN Operating & Standard Elements

Handles, Knobs, Hand Wheels, Adjustable Hand Levels, Indexing Plungers, Adjustable Feets, Spring Plungers, Clamping Bolts & T-Nuts.

TIANXING Portable Hardness Tester TIANXING Portable Hardness Tester

With the same testing principles and high precision as that of bench type testing equipment, TIANXING Portable Rockwell hardness tester and Brinell hardness tester, are markedly superior to like products worldwide.

TIME Concrete Testing Instruments TIME Concrete Testing Instruments

Rebar Locator, Concrete Crack Depth Gauge, Concrete Crack Width Gauge, Concrete Thickness Guage, Concrete Compressive Strength Test Hammer, Rebar Corrosion Detector, Underground Pipe & Cable Locator.

TIME Material Testing Machines TIME Material Testing Machines

TIME offers wide range of Computer Controlled Universal Testing Machines, IZOD & Charpy Impact Testing Machines, Spring Testing Machines, Friction & Wear Testing Machines.

TIME Testing & Inspection Instruments TIME Testing & Inspection Instruments

TIME offers wide Range of Quality NDT Instruments: Hardness Tester, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Vibration Tester, Surface Roughness Tester, Coating Thickness Gauge, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Infrared Thermometer, AC Yoke Magnetic Particle Flaw Detector, Holiday Detector & Portable Color Difference Meter.

TIME Video Borescopes TIME Video Borescopes

Usable for: - Air/Water Pipe Cleaning: Helpful in checking pipes before or after cleaning rust, corrosion, etc - Automotive: Identify and improve the quality of engines, etc - Aviation: Easy and effective for checking turbines, etc - Marine: Used to examine diesel engines, pipes, boilers

USB 3.0 Digital Microscope MSP-3080 USB 3.0 Digital Microscope MSP-3080

A revolution in USB 3.0 Super Speed Digital Imaging. Work with Computer for imaging processing, LED illumination, 5-200X magnifications, fast frame rate up to 90 FPS, with high resolution 8.0 mega pixels sensor offering up to 1.4 micron optical resolution, imaging software work with WIN 7 & 8.

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